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Enchant Program

Mesaj Scris de Demonlord la data de Joi Dec 11, 2014 7:53 pm

It helps you to enchnt your items faster. First you need to download Max Persson's Autominer(Runescape)(Simple Clicker) 1 from

[Trebuie sa fiti inscris si conectat pentru a vedea acest link]

then extract it enywhere you want to.
then you open it make interval 500 or 400 however you want if there will be less it will enchant your items faster.
1.movement 1 event right click take your mouse on the ceas in your inventory and press ctrl+a
2.movement 2 event left click then target your item which you want to enchnt and press ctrl+a again
3. movement 3 event left click target okey and press ctrl+a

if you want to start it just press ctrl+r and then you want to stop it press f3

Enjoy your enchnt;)

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